Meet Diego Mono del Mar

Diego Mono del MarThis is Diego Mono del Mar (Diego, the Sea Monkey) by Michael Goettee sporting Bagmaker Supply’s BKS-AA059 buckles and wearing a custom vest by Joan Dickhaut from BedsnBlankies.

In Michael’s own words: “I bought a ship’s wheel online and built the rest of the helm in my woodshop where I create sculptures for western art. My work has been in two western art museums, including the largest one in the country just north of Atlanta: The Booth Western Art Museum. I enjoy Old West reenactment events and currently find another chunk of my second childhood in piracy. I’ll be taking him down to a big pirate fest in Cedar Key, FL in mid September. He’s learned all of his pick-pocket skills and is now a true pirate.

I LOVE retirement.

Hope you like.”

Micheal’s website is

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